Saturday, February 20, 2010

In the Grocery Game

Tonight (as in Friday because as I write, it's after midnight), I successfully completed my first strategic shopping trip armed with coupons and a list. 

For a grand total of $65.14 (including tax), I brought home:


Bubby is going to be pumped when he gets this for his 3rd birthday next weekend, but I'm not sure if he'll be as excited as I was when I paid only $19.99 for it!  I cannot attribute this amazing deal to coupons or bargain tips, but only to Jesus because it was basically a fluke that I even looked at the bikes while I was in Meijer.  "Every good gift comes from above" right?  :-)

My total savings for this trip was $51.05!!  

Many thanks go to Crystal, the Money Saving Mom for listing the Meijer deals of the week!  Reading her blog has really inspired me to put in the time and effort to save money at the grocery.  If you want to know how to get in the "grocery game," I highly recommend you check out this economommy.  I know that's not a word but I really like the sound of it.


Mandy said...

Great job!! :o)

You have a very beautiful family!!!

Feel Free to link up at my blog!!

Also i'm following you now!!

Katie said...

Great job!! That bike is so cool, I bet your little guy will love it! And how true that the Lord provides in everything!!!

Stopping by from Money Saving Mom!

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